March 2022

Dear María Eugenia Cid Rodríguez and EFPP Board,

I’m writing on behalf of Ninel Beketova, delegate of the adult section of society for psychoanalytic psychotherapy (SPP) in Moscow, and the president of SPP Kuzminok Genady.

I was asked to express their position because I am currently abroad, and it is safe for me to talk freely. However, as you may know, starting from the 5th of march 2022, it is illegal to be against “special military operation” (not war, as Russian government persist to name), and the consequence could be a 15-year sentence in jail. Thus, I take all the responsibility for what is written below:

“First of all, thank you very much for your kind words of support in such a mad time. Your letter was translated into Russian and sent to every member of the society. We apologize for not answering earlier as all of us were in shock, and we didn’t know what type of risks we should consider. Unfortunately, the worst prevailed. That is why we’re asking Sergey to write this letter.

We want to declare that we stand against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Law, common sense and compassion have lost the battle to barbarians who demise all the achievements of civilization but the brutal power of the deadliest weapons. We are confident that all those responsible for the terrible events in Ukraine will pay an unbearable price for it, and justice will prevail.

Currently, all members of our society continue working on keeping the sense of reality and mindfulness in our patients despite being in a feeling of deep sorrow for all the victims and families affected by this war.

Looking forward to keeping our close contact with you.

With best regards,
Beketova Ninel, delegate of adult section in SPP
Kuzminok Genady, president of SPP

P.S. In the attachment is the letter that we received from you.”
With best regards,
Sergey Konoplev

Registered Charity Number 1046731 European Federation Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy