Board Statement

Countryside with the blue of the sky and the yellow of the fields, simulating the Ukrainian flag

Words now carry a critical weight
~ Sofia Andrukhovych


On February 24, Ukraine has been brutally attacked by the Russian Federation. This act of horrific and unjustified aggression represents a violation of the most important principles that sustain life and respects sovereignty: inviolability, the right for autonomy and recognition of national identity.

In the 21st century, the horror of war has returned to European soil after the failure of diplomatic dialogue and discussion. An unjustifiable tragedy, which threatens the world order, with unpredictable and warring consequences for the Baltic countries and all Europeans. An invasion that brings devastation and suffering to the civil population, causing a new and tragic human exodus.

The EFPP Board openly and unequivocally condemns the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. Further, the EFPP Board declares itself strongly against war as a means of resolving conflicts and differences. The EFPP wants to strongly state that stopping this aggression and all her atrocious effects and consequences is imperative. The EFPP declares itself in favour of peaceful and democratic European principles and international law that guarantees the integrity, sovereignty, freedom and equality of all people. The EFPP Board strongly encourages all the organizations to state their position against this invasion of the Russian Federation and to ask for an immediate cessation of the aggression toward Ukraine.

EFPP Institutional and ethical principles provide a supportive space for dialogue, respect for differences and will always advocate the search for peaceful solutions to all conflicts. The EFPP in such dramatic moments offers itself once again as an open space for sharing, thinking and understanding this experience of violence and madness.

The EFPP Board express the full and warm support for the Ukrainian colleagues and all the people who suffer from the Russian invasion. At the same time, this war activates the overriding principle of the EFPP: that of solidarity. The EFPP with all its members and to the extent of its possibilities pursues always the aim to contribute to peace, to the containment of violence and conflicts and to the relief of human suffering. As psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists, the instruments we have are thinking, trying to understand, putting into words what madness puts into action.

We hope for a prompt return to dialogue and peace. Our hearts are with you all.

President Maria Eugenia Cid Rodriguez on behalf of the EFPP BOARD

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