The EFPP Board condemns the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian federation unambiguously and in the strongest possible terms. This situation activates the overriding principle of the EFPP: that of solidarity with our European neighbours and our colleagues in the Ukraine

~ EFPP March 2022

Letter to All Delegates Help-Ukraine. March-2022.



Dear Delegates

The EFPP Board has, as a matter of urgency decided, to actively support the Ukrainian colleagues from the UAPP and the APPU in all possible ways. To be effective in this task a process has been set in motion through which our institutional effort is going to be coordinated.
We are convening an EFPP committee composed of National network delegates and EFPP board members to address the manifold needs of our colleagues in Ukraine and their families, who have had to flee the country and are often refugees abroad. As indicated in the online delegates meeting on Saturday 19/03 2022, we urgently need your help to mobilise your membership in our collective effort to support the Ukrainian organisations of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. Those who could not attend the general meeting on Saturday please note:

1) Please identify one or several liaison persons in your organisations with the aim that arriving colleagues or/and their families in your country can contact to provide information and assistance where needed. Please communicate the names of the liaison person and their contact details to the administrative secretary of the EFPP. The migrants can then access the website and request information about help in the country they find themselves in. The liaison person should be able to provide information and direct the colleagues/migrants to help and assistance.

2) Please make a call to your membership for financial donations and forward those to the bank accounts given at the end of the page. The donations are going to be administered by a committee of Ukrainian colleagues and a board member of the EFPP in a transparent and accountable form.
Log amounts donated and dates in the corresponding folder on the EFPP website.

3) Please ascertain who might speak Ukrainian/ or Russian in your membership and who might be able to help the local migrants with housing, social services or/and psychotherapeutic work. Some Ukrainian colleagues might be able to work with traumatised children and adults if space for such work is provided and their qualifications can be verified. The EFPP might be able to document that they belong to a recognized EFPP organisation.

4) The EFPP website will open a section especially designated for this effort of coordination and can be accessed via the efpp.org and/or ukraine.efpp.org websites.


For questions please contact [email protected][email protected] or any of the EFPP section chairs.

Solidarity with Ukrainian! Solidarnistʹ

With best wishes
EFPP President and Board


Registered Charity Number 1046731 European Federation Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
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