Presentation – The Situation in Ukraine: the War

Presentation – The Situation in Ukraine: the War

General situation in Ukraine
■ The intention of the insane ruler of Russia in relation to Ukraine is the complete destruction of nationhood and the instillation of an ideology that corresponds to the principles of fascism.
■ Members of our society have also been subjected to this massive social bullying and persecution.


■ Some members of our organization have emigrated and are now present in almost all European countries.
■ Active members of society and candidates in the final phase (prepared for practical work) abroad have more potential to find their place in another country.
■ The majority work with refugees. They need support from our parent organization (EFPP) such as to accompany this group of colleagues for supervision and also help in a way that their work would be decently remunerated.
At the same time, people left their loved ones in Ukraine in great danger and material deprivation and are themselves in endless anxiety and fear.


Life in Ukraine
Members of our organization mainly lived in the Dnipro, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Odessa, Zaporizhzhya and Vinnitsa.
The Russian Federation considers all these places from the point of view of their profit.
Dnipro. This region is considered by the Russian occupiers as useful for controlling water flow from the Dnieper to the Crimea. The region is also industrially rich. So far, it (like all other areas) is constantly being shelled by all types of weapons – the most dangerous and destructive are constant shelling of infrastructure sights and residential buildings.

Members of the society who live in Dnipro at every day risk of being killed either by a shell, or perish under the rubble of their house.
They work, but feel more and more stressed. They have refused from a regular pay but have no other sources of income.
At the same time, the cost of living has already increased by 20% – 30% approximately.
The psychological state is steadily deteriorating.

Kharkiv. It is in the plans of the Russian Federation.
It has ben continuously fired upon with the heaviest shells and bombs for complete destruction.
Most members of the society left for other countries or for Central or Western Ukraine.
Families were taken out, including very old and infirm people.
Those who moved to Ukraine are in moral and material stress and fear that the invaders may eventually capture their native city.


The invaders occupy apartments, take away property.
They kidnap people and transfer them the Russian Federation to demonstrate that these people “want” to live there.
They bring teachers who force children to learn the Russian language and history.
They kill or arrest people who do not want to turn into Russians, torture and abuse them.
They throw chemical weapons (sarin) as they leave the territory.
Rape of women (and men) is massive.
Several members are still in Kharkiv.


Kyiv. The city was in plans to be captured by the Russian Federation. The situation is somewhat similar to Kharkiv.
Odessa. The city is in plans of full capture.
Zaporizhzhya. The city is constantly under fire as well as
under the threat of a complete capture.
Vinnitsa. The city is under constant shelling.
Lviv. The city is a huge humanitarian hub receiving people from all areas of Ukraine. The workload is immense.
Shelling takes place from time to time. There is a potential threat of an invasion/shelling from the territory of Belarus’.

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