Situation in Ukraine – Letter from the President of Ukraine Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. Konstatin Siguta.

Dear colleagues,

The situation in Ukraine is currently grave. Since we last met, in Ukraine, and in particular, in Dnipro where I live, air attacks have become more frequent. Multiple objects of civilian infrastructure such as residential buildings, schools, shopping centers, libraries, enterprises have been destroyed. Sadly, rashists destroy everything on their way. It has become much more difficult to live in the constant expectation of rocket attacks.

The economic situation in the country has deteriorated significantly. Prices for everything have increased (food, essentials, fuel for cars, medicines). Unemployment rate is growing. Another member of our organization joined the army. In total, 4 people from our organization are already serving in the army.

We are endlessly grateful to you and all our colleagues who provide us with material aid. Since our last meeting we received three payments from Swiss and Spanish colleagues on UAPP account. Thanks to the financial assistance of our colleagues, we were able to help mothers with newborns, colleagues who serve in the army, resume the training process according to the EFPP standards free of charge for beginner colleagues, which greatly inspired them and supported their professional identity.

Members of the UAPP and APPU are very grateful to the EFPP Board, Hansjorg, Christina and all our colleagues for financial assistance. Unfortunately, we now understand that the war in Ukraine will not end quickly. We are trying to gain strength to survive these dark, terrible times. And we look forward to further understanding and support from our colleagues.

Faithfully Yours,
Konstantin Siguta
President of Ukraine Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy



Registered Charity Number 1046731 European Federation Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
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