Film music for peace: On March 11, 2022, Hans Zimmer went on tour across Europe with a large orchestra, performing music from his most popular films as well as more recent compositions. Ten musicians from the Odessa National Opera, who managed to flee to Germany from the war in Ukraine, are taking part.

Originally, the film music tour was planned to include the entire Odessa Opera Orchestra. But after Russia attacked Ukraine on the morning of February 24, 2022, most of the Odessa Opera Orchestra musicians were unable to leave the country. These ten musicians were able to flee from Ukraine, passing by many European cities on their long odyssey to escape the war. They encountered a lot of support and willingness to help on their escape.

Their missing Ukrainian colleagues are now being covered by fellow musicians from all over Europe who play in the concerts. This turns the tour, which was supposed to celebrate Hans Zimmer’s grand film music, into a show of solidarity with these ten Ukrainian musicians who were able to flee, and for the entire Odessa Opera Orchestra. Hans Zimmer’s music connects people across borders – a project that provides some much-needed hope.

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